Monday, 23 February 2015

Temple Jewellery

Uniqueness Of Temple Jewellery

The jewelry, which is used for Bharatanatyam is usually called as temple jewellery. There are various kinds of such jewelry. Quite similar to other jewelry sets, it comprises of Ghungroo, Oddiyanam, Chudiya, Nathni, Bindi, Surya, Chandra, Mattal, Jhumka, 2 arm bands, Short Mala and Long Mala. They are suitable for many classical dance forms of India. Bharatanatyam jewellery online is the best source from where one can buy these jewelries.

In order to buy bharatanatyam jewellery sets online, one simply needs log in to the concerned website, choose the jewelry of one’s choice and provide all the essential information regarding your name, address, mobile number before giving an order. Just within a few minutes the delivery will be made at the threshold of your door. What you need to do is to check you delivery and see whether you have been delivered the same jewelry which you had ordered online.

Bharatanatyam jewellery is famous all over India. Bharatanatyam dance is one of the most preferred dances all over the country. It is a classical dance form which claims its source from Southern part of India, Tamil Nadu. Many sculptures in Hindu temples are dependent on the postures of Bharatanatyam dance called as karanas. Temple jewellery has intricate designs which are ooze grandeur and unique. Being adorned with abundant intricate gemstones and diamonds, these ornaments are composed of 22K pure yellow gold, which has an image of a Hindu deity.

Influences over the Years

Temple Jewellery has in recent times gained a lot of momentum on fashion ramps and bridal exhibitions, apart from being patronized by classical Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak and Kuchipudi dancers. Temple jewellery is indeed a rich heritage of India, which has been originated in South India during the Chola reign in the 9th century.  The present imitation and gold forms of Temple jewellery depict the ancient form, however, with slight modifications to suit the contemporary customers. From coin necklaces to chunky jhumkas, there are a lot of Temple accessories that have become a huge hit with women belonging to all ages, particularly amongst brides.

The main base of temple jewellery is gold, although silver and other metals are also available and are inexpensive in comparison. Temple jewellery is embellished with precious and semi precious gems and pearls to give them a classic appearance. They are also embellished with polki and kundan stones, which are characteristic of North Indian jewellery. Temple Jewellery comes in various designs and motifs such as swans, peacocks, lotus flower, gods and goddesses, royal figures etc. The range of jewellery starts from something as small as a nose ring to big chunky necklaces. Some pieces of temple jewellery are worn occasionally like armlets, head adornments, anklets, waist belt and nose rings.

Temple jewellery with its priceless historical value and intricate designs has captured the Indian jewellery market and is also increasingly being demanded in overseas markets. These pieces of jewellery are symbolic of the rich Indian traditions and are unlikely to go out of fashion for a long time to come.

Caring for your temple jewelry

Even though it is not made of gold and silver, there is still metal involved. Thus, your temple jewelry needs to be taken care of in order to prolong its life. As a thumb rule, avoid cleaning any kind of jewelry in the sink. Instead, make use of a bowl.

In order to clean your temple jewelry, use warm water and detergent in a bowl. Soak your jewelry in it and then brush it softly with an old toothbrush. Post that, take a sieve it and keep it under running water. Dry it with a soft cloth and your jewelry would be as good as new.


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